Changing into a multi-fandom blog xxx
Thinking of weekly putting a blog here.
“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” - Jane Goodall

Paper Towns- John Green
Teen Wolf - Season 4
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frat boy luke showing up for your tutoring sessions and you expect him to be an idiot douche bag but he turns out to be a complete cutie with his monkey laptop case and hes actually really smart and just wanted an excuse to talk to you and he keeps making dumb jokes to impress you and youll be working and catch him staring at you over his laptop so he ducks his head down behind the screen and you can see his cheeks getting redder and redder and WHAT AM I DOING PLS STOP ME

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I want to discuss Nile Wilson because holy crap that kid is gorgeous.

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Anonymous asked: If you drank a lot then it's normal lol

Well I am on like my 4/5th glass of water so yeah probably that. But it won’t stop…haha

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I’ve probably peed like 4 times in the last hour. This isn’t normal right?

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Just had to open the door to a cute lad in my pj shorts and top with no bra on. Poor lad. He had to see me like that :’)

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"it’s okay if you don’t like us, we’re not for everyone"

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Catfish really stresses me out. I get sad when they’re not who they say they are. 

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